Horoscopes for horses

LC:He had no money?
EAP: No.
LC: How did he live?
EAP: No one could work that out. One day I asked him, "What do you live on?" And he said, "Silly white ravens. Guile and beer. Poet's Dinner." I don't really know. Anyway, Isabelle had come up with a clever scam. She said she did horoscopes for horses, which were published in racing magazines. It was a laugh. She did them just like you do for humans - find their date of birth and work out their charts to predict if they'll be winners. And I think there were racing magazines that published them and actually paid her.
LC: So Blackburn's Law "Never work" didn't apply to the women?
EAP: Oh yes, it did. Because there's no way you can count writing horoscopes for horses as work. It's a joke!