"Dreams and imagination comprise approximately one hundred percent of this work. They serve to bridge time past and its rich cultural history with time present (the text under discussion), and the present with the future (in which the dreamer becomes the author of many novels, several of them available in translation)."--San Francisco Review of Books

"This excellent [auto]biographical 'novella' could not have appeared at a more timely moment. It might easily be placed alongside the recent metafictions of other veteran Digital Novelists, Harry Novak, Bruno Shelley, Tracey Gray, etc, but Blackburn may be credited with originating the upcoming literary trend of digital cut-up, fictionalized autobiography in Portrait of the Artist as a Cyborg."--New York Herald Tribune

"A gifted coeval of anti-novelist Harry Novak, Blackburn is notable because he uses a multiplicty of techniques with every work and turns out intense and interesting fiction just the same."--Harvard Review

"Portrait Of The Artist As A Cyborg is not only a memorable experience, accomplishing that rich task of all true art--providing the reader with new eyes--but it is also work which fellow writers and artists can profit from because it supplies the best of all ingredients: confusion."--Times Literary Supplement

"In [Cyborg] Blackburn brilliantly exploits the numbing sense of amnesia induced by daily information overload. He conjures fabulous phantoms out of digital blizzards and sandstorms; phantoms who come and go with their burdens of deja vu and disconcerting, discontinuous visions of what may be either destiny or chaos."--Guardian