I have examined the photographs and other documentation you provided.

However, having carefully considered this information I have to inform you that, despite unnerving similarities between the person depicted in your portfolio and myself, I am not this person. Or indeed, not these people, since despite superficial congruities between them, these people may all be different from each other.

Indeed, I would go so far as to assert that, since the information refers to a person from a time more

than twenty years ago, the person is dead, and no longer exists, ie could no longer be me. Furthermore, the information itself is over twenty years old, and therefore subject to the same judgement.

That is not to say, of course, that this person, or people, was not, or were not, a former self (or selves), congruent with the current self. However, as a result of shifts in space and time; bodily regeneration combined with physical degeneration (the natural process of ageing); and various other processes which I cannot describe here, I cannot take the responsibility

for any of the actions or words of this person.

On the contrary, this person (if he still existed) should bear total responsibility for my present condition, if we are to accept any notion of cause and effect or free will within human existence.

To conclude: Firstly - the person about whom you have provided information is not me, and therefore I am innocent of any charges that can be levelled against him. Secondly - I am as much a victim of his actions and words as anyone else and therefore deserve equal consideration.