such as it may be [transmission interrupt] The Quest for The Truth about the Life of The Artist (under the title Portrait Of The Artist As A Cyborg), set in motion by the automatic processes of the Virtual World Research Agency has found itself fatally corrupted - firstly with dubious and frequently inauspicious data entered by The Artist himself and secondly with an ineradicable viral infection in the form of a cyberdemon identifying itself as Portrait Of The Artist As A Cyborg. This is a meme that mimics The Artist and replicates itself in constantly mutating texts and images both in retrospective and fast forward modes, using the Agency title for the work as a means of causing confusion to researchers and general public alike. Spurious and illicit hyperlinks and fake html code have been insinuated into numerous pages within the project. The Artist himself is proving less than helpful with the work of the Agency and has frequently copied the behaviour of the virus