This is Michael Blackburn's ART ZERO The Unofficial Art of Everyday Life


Four issues, the final being nominated a double issue (4/5). A5 format, stapled, colour covers with The Hand logo (designed by Matthew Caley). Published 1987-1990. Self-supporting, self-funded. Printing via cheap photocopy/printing service on Old Kent Road, 100 copies of each issue. Can't remember where I had the Lincoln edition printed up. Origination of camera-ready pages for issues 2 and 3 done clandestinely and at no cost on the photocopiers of a big City law-firm.

ISSN 0951-6131

ISSUE ONE, Spring/Summer 1987, published from London; 32pp.

Poems by Ken Smith, Brendan Cleary, Michael Laskey, Martin Stannard, Richard Caddel, Geoff Hattersley, Matthew Caley, Arvi Siig and Martin Myers.

Short story by John Saul.

ISSUE TWO, Autumn/Winter 1987, published from London; 64pp.

Poems by Ian McMillan (first publication of 'The er Barnsley Seascapes'), Geoff Hattersely, Dorothy Nimmo, Owen Davis, Ralph Pite, Stephen Davy, Matthew Caley (from Protacool), Colin Simms, Duncan Curry, Caroline Price, George Charlton, Peter Sansom, Geoffrey Mark Matthews, Stephen C Middleton, Sue Dymoke, Martin Myers, Ian Cadman, David Johnson, Peter Finch, David Moody, David Harmer, Martyn Wiley, Brendan Cleary. Prose by Robert Shepherd ('Utopian Tales 1 & 2').

Interview with Mick North by Michael Blackburn.

Article: 'A Northern Accent, A Northern Viewpoint' by John Killick (first publication of this article, later re-printed elsewhere).

Reviews by Ian McMillan, Martin Stannard and Martyn Wiley.

ISSUE THREE, Spring/Summer 1988, published from Hull; 44pp.

Poems by Matthew Sweeney, Tom Kelly, Martin Stannard, David Caddy, Timothy Houghton, Judi Benson, Gilbert Adair, Janet Fisher, Peter Finch, Chris Bendon, Robert Etty, Geoff Levick, James Keery, Tony Charles.

Short story by Bryn Gunnell.

Review by Martin Stannard.

ISSUE FOUR/FIVE, 1990, Final Issue, published from Lincoln; 52pp.

Poems by Brendan Cleary, Steve Davies, Jackie Wills, Jim Ferguson, Cliff Yates, Neil Astley, John Harvey, Dave Ward, David Harmer, C J Stevens, John Goodby, Hugh Waterhouse, Joe Fearn, Timothy Shaner, Miriam Sagan, Michael Laskey, Christopher Mills, Ken Trevor, Lisa Kucharski, Alan Dent, Sue Dymoke, Graham Oakes, Madeleine Brand, Peter A Robinson, Terence Kelly, Andy Fletcher, Pat Salkeld, Johan de Wit, Bob Smith, Caroline Price.

Short story by John Saul.