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Just a few sites you might want to take a look at.

Art, Artists/Artistes, etc

The Andy Warhol Museum
Christo & Jeanne-Claude
Marcel Duchamp
Louise Bourgeois: Works Viewable on the Internet
Funtopia (Mick Farren & The Deviants, etc)
Michael Alig & the satori group
Genesis P-Orridge
Tate Modern, London
Dermot Blackburn - Photographer
Christopher English's Symbolist Paintings & Poetry
Sherry Baumann's Art Beyond The Edge
Bert Christensen's Bad Art Site
John Coombes - Artist
Shelley Jackson's Ineradicable Stain
The Creative Fire Of Ken Russell
Stefan & Franziszka Themerson Archive
Gaberbocchus Press
Monty Rakusen, Photographer
John Russell, Improvisational Guitar


Natacha Merritt's Digital Diary
valentina culpa, pallor city 5


Tim Love's Poetry Page
Jacket Magazine (Aus)
Peter Finch's Homepage
The Poetry Society (UK)
Peter Howard's Poetry Site
Martin Stannard's Exultations & Difficulties
Rupert Mallin - Poet, Playwright, Artist
Laura Hird Website
Hugh Maxton Website
Ian McMillan Website
John Hartley Williams
Tom Raworth
Keith Dersley & Ragged Edge


The Church of the Subgenius
Dull Mens Club

Chaos Magic, etc

The Church Of The One Artist
The Templum

Free Web Services, etc

The Blogger
20six Free Weblogs


The Blackburn Page
The Slacker's Guild
Diary Of A Superannuated Soul
Found Magazine
Taschen Books

Internet Radio

Eternal Trance

Online Payment Services

Nochex (UK only)

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