Michael Blackburn's ART ZERO


The Higher Beings on Alpha Centauri sent one of their agents to earth to replicate as an artist for the purposes of an experiment. The story that Andy Warhol was the son of Czechoslovakian immigrants was used to cover his real identity and the strange features of his human replicancy. To seasoned alien observers, of course, there are tell-tale signs. Look at the hair, which was thin and messy, which he soon had to replace with numerous, very unconvincing, wigs. The skin also was blotchy and lacked shine. His bulbous nose revealed his Centaurian origins.

I have incontrovertible evidence in the knowledge that none of the surgeons and nurses who treated him after his shooting in 1968 are able to recall him being in their hospital. Some of them have since died in mysterious circumstances. And when he was taken ill just before he died he never actually went to hospital but was beamed up onto a Centaurian Relocation Ship where his Essence was extracted and returned home, his body being reconstituted back on earth for burial. Other Centaurian Intelligence Agents at work on earth, through their positions in the media, spread the story that he had died unexpectedly after routine surgery.

Further evidence can be confirmed through an examination of his artistic products and processes. The repetitive, serial nature of his prints, for example, reveals much of the natural Centaurian way of thinking. His voice and speech mannerisms bear this out. Reading any biography or watching any footage of Warhol quite clearly demonstrates to the viewer that what they are seeing is an alien in human form, but not replicated with total success. Contemporary Centaurian techniques now enable agents to be replicated with absolute perfection.

In addition to this knowledge I have recently acquired information to suggest that his would-be assassin, Valerie Solanis, was an Agent of a breakaway Centaurian terrorist group who had been sent to eradicate Warhol. Her subsequent incarceration in various mental hospitals and final disappearance are explained by the fact that she was captured and escaped a number of times but was eventually eliminated.

(Extracted from ĎAndy Warhol Was An Alien' by Randolph King, in the Journal of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs, Vol 5, No 2, 1995)