Michael Blackburn's ART ZERO


Knight Argent in the Order of Apple Guards
Marquis of Milton Manor, Heighington (Lincs)
Order of the Disk of Enlightenment (Japan)
Special Procurator of the Lincolnshire Imperial Fens and Fields
Commander in Perpetuity of The Unction
Magister Telluris Veneriae
Saint Elect in the Cisalpine Congregation of Saints
Member of the International Kabbalistic Empire
Chevalier in the Legion des Zutistes
Chevalier in the Royal Hungarian Order of the Knights of Saint Roderick of Alpha-Romeo
Princeps Illuminatus
Master in the Assembly of Divines
Commissioner of Odes
Lord of the Pontifical Lands
Order of the Golden Horn
Lord Lieutenant of the Library of God
Commander in Chief of the Knights of Albion
Lord High Denigrator of Swans
Chief Lustrator in the Council of Vernacular Alchemists
Keeper of the Sanctified Spaces
Water Master of the River Swale
Defender of the Unfaith
Guardian of the League of Indigent Scholars, Topers and Scribblers
Duke of the Lincolnshire Littoral