Michael Blackburn's ART ZERO


Ed L. Schenk of Kansas, was a multi-billionaire. He owned a conglomerate that dealt in various products and services, including animal feedstuffs, fertilizers and truck-hire. Whenever he was at a business meeting or lunch at which there were strangers, he would always tell them the story of how he became so rich.

When I was eight, he'd say, I bought an apple for five cents and sold it for ten. Then I bought another and sold that one for ten cents. I kept on doing this until I was eighteen. Then my Daddy died and left me a billion dollars!

At this he'd laugh loudly, whatever the reaction of those around him, and sometimes bang his fist on the table or slap his thigh. Often he wouldn't stop until the tears spilled from his eyes. He was a man permanently amused at his own supreme good fortune.