Sometimes a card, but not always


'A View of the Trossachs', perhaps,
or 'Glorious Gloucestershire',
and always signed 'Your Uncle H'.
Believe me, though it's years ago
I still pretend to Robert
that Harry's a real Uncle Harry.

Robert was away on one of his trips,
I went to a concert with Verity,
met Harry and started the affair.
The children were still quite young then,
I kept it all in perspective,
it could have lasted years,
but Harry said no and left anyway.

Robert's a good father but we're only
friends now. Sometimes I dream
of Harry in the days when my hair
was deepest brown and free of grey
and I wonder what it would be like
with Harry in a hotel room
writing cards to friends:
'A View of the Trossachs',
from Uncle Harry and Auntie Sue.