PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A CYBORG is a maze, a mess, a labyrinth, a digital mish-mash, an act of virtual self-hagiography, a map you cannot see, an indulgence, a whimsical enquiry into the nature of selfhood, a work of modern art, a nosey rummage through the carboot sale of an unfinished life, a massive lie, a minimal fiction, a picaresque anti-Bildungsroman, an examination of memory, an exculpation of enacted passions and unfulfilled desires, a bundle of begins,

whose techniques and styles include assemblage, bricolage, collage, appropriation, cut-up, borrowing, pastiche, plagiarism, copying, coded messages, palimpsesting, fictionalising and making-up, lying, reportage, finding, layering, piracy and pontification