l Nigel the Planer


After a successful gig at Lincoln Central Library Nigel accepts my personal invitation to read my radio monologue, So You Want To Be A Poet?, which not only recapitulates the undesirable careers of a multitude of poets down the ages (Ovid: banished to the Black Sea; Villon: murderer; Ben Jonson: murderer; Marlowe: drunk, spy and murderee; Emily Dickinson: recluse in her own attic; Dylan Thomas: drunk, debtor and shirt thief; Coleridge: drunk, opium addict and all-round procrastinator; Byron: too wealthy for his own good; Verlaine: absinthe addict, failed murderer and ex-teacher in Lincolnshire; Rimbaud: boy wonder and receiver of Verlaine's incompetent shooting, turned gun-runner; Baudelaire: syphilis-ridden debtor with an impotence problem; Philip Larkin: miserable old porn-hound, etc, etc) but also recounts a variety of stories concerning some British poets now dead and (thankfully) gone. A truly humorous look at a serious art. Watch out for it on Radio 4.

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